Pre and After Wax

Pre and After Wax

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After Depilatory Oil with Lavender Fragrance 1 Litre

After Depilatory Oil with Lavender Fragrance have strong antiseptic, antifungal and bactericidal act..


Aloe Vera Gel 1 Litre New

Aloe Vera Gel 1 Litre

Natural product Perfect for use on windburn, sunburn Chafing, shaving rash and after epilation treat..


Post Wax Lotion Latte Neutral, Xanitalia Doll 500ml.

A cleansing lotion with a soft, evanescent consistency, formulated for quick, complete cleansing aft..


Post Wax Oil with Chamomile, Xanitalia Doll 500ml.

Natural after-wax oil Chamomile. Containing a blend of sunflower and soy seeds oil, it removes wa..


Starpil hair puller spray 125 ml.

Helps prevent ingrown hair. Removes hair below the skin. Invigorates the epidermis. Protects against..


Starpil post epil acid cream (Rebalancing) 500 ml.

Oat extract restores skin moisture levels whilst relieving potential irritation caused by waxing. Su..


Starpil post epil oil 500 ml.

Removes left-over wax and leaves skin feeling beautifully soft and moisturized. Invigorates and firm..


Starpil post epil retardant emulsion 500 ml.

Post Epil Retardant Emulsion by StarpilThe Post emulsion is applied after waxing to moisturize and s..


Starpil post epil retardant mousse 200 ml.

Pleasantly textured, easily spread and absorbed mousse that leaves skin feeling wonderfully refreshe..


Starpil pre depilatory gel 500 ml.

Starpil Pre-depilatory gel with rosmeary exctract.Starpil Pre depilatory gel is applied before waxin..