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Lint free Nail Wipes on a Roll, 2 x 500 (1000)

Beautyfor Nail wipes, high absorbent ideal for removing sticky residue from UV Gel.  Quantit..


Lint free Nail Wipes Plain (200)

Lint free nail wipes, ideal for pedicures and manicures. Used for prepping the nail before polish is..


Acetone 100%, 1 Liter

100% Acetone is ideal for the removal of artificial nails and tips, gel nails as well as classic nai..


Cotton Cosmetic Pads (120)

100% Cotton Cosmetic Pads.  Quantity per package: 120 pcs.  ..


Cuticle Oil Mango Orange 75 ml.

If you suffer from dry, brittle nails, try hydrating them with a few drops of cuticle oil. Cuticle o..


Disposable Black Towels (40x80) Separately Folded (50)

Disposable Spunlace Towels Perfect for Hairdressers and Beauty Salons.Quantity per package: 50 pcs /..


Disposable Towels AIRLAID (40x70) Separately Folded (100)

AIRLAID paper towels, this material is hard and provides better absorption than plain paper. Most..


Disposable Towels BIO-EKO (50x40) Separately Folded (100)

BIO-EKO towels, very soft and provides better absorption than plain paper. Most commonly us..


Disposable wash Gloves/Mitts (100)

Cotton Waterproof inner layer Quantity per package: 100 pcs. ..


Manicure Bowl

Plastic Manicure Bowl. Contoured palm and finger grooves Made to fit either hand Deep and ..


Nail Polish Buffer Sandwich 400/3000 Grit, Pink

Nail Polish Buffer Sandwich Grit: 400/3000Color: Pink     ..


Nail polish remover in pump dispenser bottle, 118 ml

Nail polish remover in pump dispenser bottle. Size: 118 ml.  ..


Non-Acetone Nail polish Remover, 1 Liter

A gentle nail enamel solvent, specially developed for use on artificial nails.Nail polish remover,&n..


Pump Bottle

Plastic pump bottle, ideal for dispensing liquid to moisten cotton wool or make up remover disc..


Soft Spunlace Cosmetic (30x30) Tissues (100)

Soft spunlace cosmetic tissue, ideally used in facial treatments – very soft material. Spunlace T..