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Floor Care

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Evans Clean & Shine Floor Maintainer (5 Litre)

An efficient emulsion floor maintainer containing a pleasant floral perfume. Removes scuffmarks, rep..

£5.95 (£7.14 inc. VAT)

Evans E.M.C Plus Floor Cleaner (5 Litre)

A heavy duty alkaline cleaner and degreaser, that rapidly removes grease, dirt and heavy soiling fro..

£5.49 (£6.59 inc. VAT)

Evans Easy Strip Polish Stripper (5 Litre)

A powerful, high active, floor polish stripper. It will remove stubborn floor polish by mopping and ..

£10.50 (£12.60 inc. VAT)

Evans High Class Neutral Floor Cleaner (5 Litre)

Evans High Class is a neutral, hard surface cleaner containing a fresh tangerine perfume. Removes li..

£4.49 (£5.39 inc. VAT)

Hospec pH Neutral Liquid Detergent, 740 ml (Case of 9)

Hospec liquid detergent for damp mopping, spot mopping and flat mopping of floors including pharmacy..

£11.70 (£14.04 inc. VAT)

Evans Versatile Multi Surface Cleaner (5 Litre)

Evans Versatile is a very effective cleaner and degreaser which rapidly cleans heavily soiled floors..

£4.49 (£5.39 inc. VAT)

Flash Delicate All Purpose Cleaner (5 Litre)

A formula that respects the natural beauty and shine of your delicate surfaces Removes tough stains ..

£9.95 (£11.94 inc. VAT)

Flash Multi-Surface & Floor Cleaner (Professional) - Lemon (5 Litre)

Effective for cleaning grease, particulate and sanitary soilSuitable for use on most washable hard s..

£9.95 (£11.94 inc. VAT)

Flash Multi-Surface & Floor Cleaner (Professional) - Ocean (5 Litre)

Effective for cleaning grease, particulate and sanitary soil Suitable for use on most washable hard ..

£8.95 (£10.74 inc. VAT)

Super Concentrated Citra Cleanse All Purpose Cleaner - 5 Litre

Super Concentrated Citra Cleanse is a versatile general purpose cleaner containing orange oil. The c..

£5.49 (£6.59 inc. VAT)

Evans Enhance Floor Polish (5 Litre)

Ultra high solids metallised premium floor polish for prestigious floors. Dries to an extra durable,..

£13.49 (£16.19 inc. VAT)

Super Floor Gel 5 Litre

Super Floor Gel is proven for most hard surfaces. It removes heavy deposits of oil, grease and grime..

£4.95 (£5.94 inc. VAT)

Super Floor Stripper 5 Litre

Super Floor Stripper removes old polish in one application. Its labour saving formula easily lifts p..

£4.49 (£5.39 inc. VAT)

Super Heavy Duty Safety Floor Cleaner 5 Litre

Super Safety Floor Cleaner cuts through grease and dirt with ease leaving surfaces clean and safe. S..

£4.50 (£5.40 inc. VAT)

Super Lemon Hard Surface Cleaner 5 Litre

Super Lemon Hard Surface Cleaner makes light work of ground-in dirt and grime leaving a fresh lemon ..

£3.95 (£4.74 inc. VAT)

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