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All Beautyfor disposables

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Fabric Waxing Strips (100)

High quality wax strips ensuring a professional finish every time. An essential for any waxing kit, ..

£2.25 (£2.70 inc. VAT)

Waxing Paper Strips (100) 85g.

Superior waxing strips 85g. (Soft material)  for use with all professional waxing systems,..

£1.30 (£1.56 inc. VAT)

Lint free Nail Wipes on a Roll, 2 x 500 (1000)

Beautyfor Nail wipes, high absorbent ideal for removing sticky residue from UV Gel. Quantit..

£3.50 (£4.20 inc. VAT)

Lint free Nail Wipes Plain (200)

Lint free nail wipes, ideal for pedicures and manicures. Used for prepping the nail before polish is..

£1.50 (£1.80 inc. VAT)

Aluminium Foil for Hairdressing (12cm x 100m)

100m Aluminium foil, used for hairdressing – hair colouring techniques and hair permanent.Size: ..

£4.40 (£5.28 inc. VAT)

Aluminium Foil for Hairdressing (12cm x 250m)

250m Aluminium foil, used for hairdressing – hair colouring techniques and hair permanent.Size: ..

£8.35 (£10.02 inc. VAT)

Azo Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes, tube (200 pcs)

70% IPA impregnated wipe providing fast bactericidal action against MRSA, E.coli and a wide range of..

£5.95 (£7.14 inc. VAT)

Azo Max Alcohol Free Hard Surface Wipes, tube (200 pcs)

AzoMax™ hard surface disinfectant wipes have been specifically designed to clean and disinfect in on..

£5.95 (£7.14 inc. VAT)

Body Wrap Stretch Film (25x100m)

Transparent high quality elastic compression film used in body care procedures. Perfectly suitable f..

£4.25 (£5.10 inc. VAT)

Caress Travel Duo Mascara Buds (30)

Eye make-up/Mascara buds perfect size for holidays and everyday on the go use.Pack size: 30 ..

£1.00 (£1.20 inc. VAT)

Cotton Buds (200)

A cotton tipped applicator used for applying make up, cleaning skin, applying antiseptic to minor wo..

£1.00 (£1.20 inc. VAT)

Cotton buds, Cleanic Professional (200)

100% Cotton Buds. Quantity per package: 200 ..

£1.35 (£1.62 inc. VAT)

Cotton Cosmetic Round Pads (500)

100% CottonLint Free5.5cm diameterQuantity per package: 500 pcs.  ..

£3.50 (£4.20 inc. VAT)

Disposable Blue Overshoes Size Fits All (100)

CPE deeply embossed overshoes with elasticated edges. Manufactured in accordance with European PPE D..

£1.99 (£2.39 inc. VAT)

Disposable Headbands White (10)

Made from elasticated non woven soft material, the headbands gently keep hair out of the face and al..

£2.00 (£2.40 inc. VAT)

Disposable Neck Paper Collars, 5 rolls (500)

Flexible paper with self-adhesive stickerSimilar to cloth to the touch. Transpirable an..

£4.95 (£5.94 inc. VAT)

Disposable Non-woven Pressotherapy Pants (10)

Disposable pressotherapy trousers, made of non-woven polypropylene (PP) spunbond materiel. Trou..

£7.50 (£9.00 inc. VAT)

Disposable Polyethylene bags - liners for Pedicure Bath (50)

Disposable High-density polyethylene Bags for Pedicure Bath.Quantity per package: 50 pcs.. ..

£6.95 (£8.34 inc. VAT)

Disposable Polyethylene Pressotherapy Pants (25)

Disposable pressotherapy pants.Trousers with foot, closed at the bottom.Used for lymfedrainage and p..

£15.50 (£18.60 inc. VAT)

Disposable Premium Polyethylene Aprons (130x90) (50)

Disposable Premium Polyethylene Aprons used by beauticians during pedicure or any beauty treatments ..

£4.50 (£5.40 inc. VAT)

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