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High Temperature Steriliser (Digital)

Digital steriliser for beauty centres. It works at a maximum temperature of 180?C by heating the tan..

£65.00 (£78.00 inc. VAT)

Quartzite Glass Beads, 500g

replacement packFor high-temperature sterilizer (PA12909)..

£5.00 (£6.00 inc. VAT)

UV Sterilizer - GermiX

GermiX UV sterilizer is equipped with an internal ultraviolet lamp which quickly destroys all micro-..

£35.00 (£42.00 inc. VAT)

UV Sterilizer - Metallic

There will be no high temperature during the process. This product is suitable for hair beauty instr..

£50.00 (£60.00 inc. VAT)

UV Sterilizer - Modern

Sleek designed sterilizer with extra-large UV blub for short-time sterilization. The large transpare..

£40.00 (£48.00 inc. VAT)