Orio Organic Mud

Orio Organic Mud

Under the trademark ORIO the company extracts and manufactures sapropel muds (70-90% organic content) for medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary purposes. As the official distributor of sapropel muds from the lake Sudobl we supply them to the Baltic states and the SAR. ORIO sapropel muds derived raw material supplies the unique component in development of new pharmaceutical formulas and products as for Healthcare as for Veterinary medicine needs.

ORIO muds Beauty line also includes face and hair masks, hair growth stimulant and anti-cellulite programs. All the company’s products have been duly certified and already are being supplied to clinics, hospitals and beauty shops in Russia, Belarus, USA and France, and as a raw material for Beauty Industry.

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Orio Bath extracts from Sapropel muds 1000g

Sapropel muds bath extractsThe extract is a concentrated solution produced by means of sapropel mud ..

£39.50 (£47.40 inc. VAT)

Orio Black Sapropel muds 1000g

Sapropel muds Black Balneal Beauty industry recommends to use black sapropel muds for oily and probl..

£15.60 (£18.72 inc. VAT)

Orio Green Sapropel muds 1000g

Sapropel muds GreenCosmetic effect - revitalize, moisturize and nourish skin; protect against ultrav..

£15.60 (£18.72 inc. VAT)

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